Driving Lessons in Ashford

When you start to learn how to drive while it can be quite exciting there can also be an element of anxiety and this is normal for every learner driver, but soon after you settle into the tuition car that anxiety starts to disappear as you concentrate on what the driving instructor is telling you.

driving lessons in ashford
Before your lesson starts, usually the driving instructor will phone or send you a sms the day before to make sure your location details are correct and to confirm the time of the lesson. We advise that when you start learning to drive to wear comfortable clothing, as driving is a physical activity and you will need to move easily. We strongly advice against the wearing of high heels or flipflops as this will effect controlling the pedals properly.

driving lessons in Ashford

Under most circumstances your driving instructor will collect you and take you to a quiet location, away from other vehicle and pedestrians and also away from your home. For some learner drivers starting to drive outside where they live can be somewhat daunting when friends and family decided to watch. For a parent when their child reaches a milestone it can be a special moment, so from time to time a parent may want to see your first driving lesson but unwittingly it can create a few nerves, so the driving instructor will take you to a different place to start learning.

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On your first driving lesson the instructor will give you a progress report card, the document lists all the skills you will have to learn and informs you of what level you have so far achieved. Once you have learned all the skills and been marked as being an independent driver, you are ready to pass your driving test. Some people want to take their driving test before they are ready, so the progress report card is a really good tool to tell you if you are fully prepared.

The aim of the driving test is to make sure you are a safe driver who does not require any supervision. The driving examiner will be looking to see you are in full control of the car at all times, that you can avoid hazards, you are adhering to the Highway Code and you have the attitude of a safe driver.

Learning to drive is quite easy, on your first lesson you will be driving and in a few short lessons you will be driving home. The most difficult part about driving is learning how to be safe, that is a combination of the physical skills of driving, spotting hazards and your desire to want to be a safe driver.